Armless Sofa Bed

The DIY project to create an armless sofa is an option for enthusiasts who want a seat specialist for a fraction of the cost of a custom-made sofa. This project involves adjusting the measurements of your couch and living space design to match the style of your living room. Professional designers of sofas and manufacturers [...]

Oversized Deep Couches

A couch is usually the largest furniture in a room and must be adapted to both the space and its occupants. Standard dimensions of the deep couches are 40 cm from the front edge of the cushion at the back of the couch frame. Frame depth of the deep couches and the depth of the [...]

2015 top grain leather sofa

Top grain leather sofa is more durable than top grain leather or corrected. This is because leather has not been thinned. Because full-grain leather contains a layer that is removed in other types of leather, which is made thicker and stronger fibers and can withstand a greater amount of stress and pressure. You can recognize [...]

Curved Sectional Sofa Ideas

If you have a small living room, but the great creative ideas for decorating, my suggestion would be to go for small curved sectional sofa. They can achieve their desire to try different sitting arrangements all the time. You can arrange these small sectional sofas in any position that suits their tastes and needs. Small [...]

gallery chaise lounge couch ideas

The same is what must have thought our user chaise lounge couch when he decided to make their own hands on a fantastic sofa with chaise lounge for this comfortable corner. The material, once again, has been the pallet. Therefore, we will review the step of the project, for us to be able to do [...]

Round Couches Image

The home is the refuge and that’s why, whenever they finish a tiring work day, you do not want anything but to relax. It’s important to ensure that the various home accessories can be functional and practical; so as to have accessories that you can live day by day. The couches are used for many [...]

leather sectional sleeper sofa bed

Sectional sleeper sofa - Sectional sleeper sofa will be very suitable for those who prefer to have furniture that is versatile. In addition, you can also use it if you have a house that minimalist. Sofa usually is furniture for the living room or family room. Usually some people want at the same time relax in [...]

Adjustable Futon Couch

Futon couch – Part sofa, part bed, futons are the equivalent for furniture, of an indecisive person. These are normal practical convertible furniture in the bedrooms and small apartments. Even in a house bigger, having one means you have an extra bed when visitors come to stay overnight. It is also an option of furniture [...]

Classic Tufted Sofa

Nell ‘ Edwardian England , in that, that is, the years between 1901 and 1910, corresponding to the reign of Edward VII, there was no meeting of the ‘ high society in which there was at least one tufted sofa. This beautiful piece of furniture adorning the waiting rooms of the restaurants most fashionable, the [...]

sectional sofas with recliners and chaise

The components of a sectional sofa are connected together at the sides with accessories barrel. Moving a sectional sofa, always disconnect all components before attempting to preposition the unit. Removing sections lets you rearrange the pieces to fit into a new space. Find where two components are connected modular sofa. Lift the right edge of [...]